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ECCouncil 312-75 Dumps

Certified EC-Council Instructor
Certified EC-Council Instructor

Questions & Answers for ECCouncil 312-75

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Question #1

Select below three ways an Instructor can create an appropriate level of learner
comfort.(Select three)

A. Students that make errors ate given positive feedback.

B. Students who participate less receive mote questions and feedback.

C. Student's personal risk is minimized.

D. Students, who participate more, receive more questions and feedback.

E. Student's are given games to supporting learning objectives.

Question #2

You are an instructor and finish your class. During this class you had problems with the
projector functioning properly. Before you leave work you should do the following:

A. Use material the next day that does not require a projector.

B. Communicate with appropriate faculties person regarding the problem with the projector.

C. Request a new classroom.

Question #3

Before a class is started, it is instructor's role is to do all of the following before the class

A. The adequacy of the facility is confirmed.

B. Room status report is written and given to courseware designer.

C. Make sure learner supplies and courseware are ready and neat.

D. Equipment is checked to make sure it is operable.

Question #4

The main reason an Instructor uses questions, restates information, and uses media is to
amplify the following:

A. To clarify and make sure leaning objectives are met

B. To meet the learning needs of the students.

C. To make sure students can use new skills in the field.

Question #5

You are an instructor and show up to class as usually in a coat and be. You are in Hawaii
teaching at the bank of Hawaii at their site. All of your students are wearing Hawaii shirts. It
is most likely that your dress may create an issue with which type of credibility:

A. Content

B. Social Racial

C. Racial

D. Personal

Question #6

It is the third day of the 5 days CEH program and John is taking a session on Session
John resumes the session after lunch break and finds that one of the students "s missing.
What is the ideal action that John should take under such circumstances?

A. Enquire about the problem from other students and wait

B. Resume the session

C. Wart until the student arrives

D. Criticize the student about his/her behavior

Question #7

You are teaching a class in which two students are talking with each other and disrupting
the learning environment. Select three methods below that you might use to give the
students a message to stop the disruptive talking:(Select three)

A. Maintain the self esteem of the talking students while correcting them.

B. Use facial gestures and eye contact to communicate with the students.

C. Move yourself near the talking students.

D. Directly address the students and ask them to shut up.

Question #8

The most important reason an instructor must establish and maintain credibility is:

A. Students are less likely to make personal attacks on the instructor.

B. Students rail not be open to learning course objectives if they do not fully accept the instructor credibility.

C. Students need a role model.

Question #9

You are introducing a lesson to a group of students. After presenting the objectives of the
lesson, you tell a three minute story. You look around the classroom and the students
seem perplexed and confused.
Which one of the following is the main reason for the students' reaction in the above

A. You should have used an analogy.

B. The story included some startling or shocking statements.

C. The story was too long.

D. The story did NOT relate to the objectives you presented.

E. The story was NOT funny.

Question #10

Ethel asks a question that is completely irrelevant to the topic being discussed. Your
course schedule does HOT allow time to discuss the topic of her question. What should
you do in the above situation?

A. Acknowledge the importance of her question. Offer to discuss it with her on break or after class.

B. Have Ethel research the answer to her question.

C. Politely tell her to stick to the subject matter. Explain that you do NOT have time for her question.

D. Ignore the question because It does NOT relate to a course objective.

E. Answer the question in class because you know it will improve Ethel's self-esteem.

Question #11

You are delivering a lecture to a new group of learners. At different points in the lecture
students have problems understanding the new concepts. Select two techniques below that
you can use to help them overcome their confusion:

A. Give additional examples about the concept.

B. Make minor re-sequencing of activities to meet learner's needs-

C. Restate the information you just gave about the concept.

Question #12

Mrs. Keen's accounting students are having difficulty with accounts payable concepts. She
develops a package of material that contains contracts, receiving reports, and invoices.
She tells her students to make the proper accounting entries using the documents. She is
available to provide guidance on how to use the materials. What type of simulation is
illustrated in the above case?

A. Gaming

B. Group Work

C. Equipment

D. Case study

E. Brainstorming

Question #13

What is the exam code for E-Commerce Architect exam?

A. 212-31

B. 212-32

C. 212-33

D. 312-32

E. 212-34

Question #14

Mrs. Swella is instructing her students to be help desk technicians. She wants them to
understand the frustration they may experience once on the job.
Which one of the Mowing presentation techniques is correct to use m the above situation?

A. Role play in which the student plays the help desk technician

B. Role play in which the instructor plays the help desk technician

C. A lecture presented on the basic principles of customer relations

D. Reading assignments on the subject of customer relations

Question #15

Which of the following can be done to help minimize distractions?

A. Ensure learners know the rules for dress and conduct.

B. Ensure exterior noises or interruptions are controlled as well as possible.

C. Ensure learners know the schedule for breaks and meals.

D. All of the above.