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Cisco 642-775 Dumps

Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols (MSPRP)
Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols (MSPRP)

Questions & Answers for Cisco 642-775

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Question #1

Which way can you distribute BGP processes to achieve better scalability on CRS-1 router
s that run Cisco IOS XR software?

A. between the active RP and the standby RP

B. between the active RP and the MSBs

C. between the active RP and the DRPs

D. between the active RP and the PRPs

Question #2

Refer to the exhibit. A client asked you to help solve a problem This customer has two BGP
routers, each connected to its upstream provider. Because of administrative restrictions,
these two routers do not have an IBGP session between them, and each router
redistributes certain prefixes into OSPF and vice versa The customer would like to
preserve the AS path attribute for prefixes that cross the OSPF domain.
Which route-map set option will let the customer preserve the attribute?

A. set tag

B. set as-path

C. set as-path tag

D. set extcommunity

Question #3

Which statement accurately describes the BGP community filtering in Cisco IOS Software?

A. can be configured for IBGP neighbors only

B. can be configured for both IBGP and EBGP neighbors

C. can be configured for EBGP neighbors only

D. cannot be configured for IBGP or EBGP neighbors

Question #4

In an effort to decrease BGP convergence time, the BGP scan timer has been lowered.
What is possible side effect of this action?

A. There are slow or no responses to the console or Telnet sessions

B. Maximum packet-per-second throughput will increase.

C. Batch updates will be held for a shorter time

D. The BGP table can become out of sync with the rest of the network

Question #5

How often are complete sequence number PDUs sent by an IS-IS router to its neighbor on
a point to point link?

A. Once when the link comes up, and every 10 seconds thereafter

B. Once when the link comes up, and every 30 seconds thereafter.

C. Once when the link comes up, and every 60 seconds thereafter.

D. Once when the link comes up, and whenever there is a topology change

Question #6

Which is true when troubleshooting Cisco IOS XR Software by using the CLI?

A. Debug commands are less CPU-intensive than trace commands.

B. Trace uses a butter that is shared by all processes

C. Trace command logs will survive a system reboot, bill debug will not

D. Both trace and debug features need to be manually enabled when troubleshooting

Question #7

To improve BGP performance in your network, you would like to withdraw routes
immediately when the next hop of the route becomes unavailable instead of waiting for the
scan interval to detect the problem. Which Cisco IOS software command will configure this

A. bgp inject-map

B. bgp dampening

C. neighbor fall-over

D. import path selection

E. neighbor update-source

Question #8

Without using route reflectors or confederations, an AS with 20 routers will require how
many IBGP peerings?

A. 20

B. 45

C. 190

D. 200

E. 400

Question #9

Which keyword will stop further processing of the router policy language policy on a cisco
IOS router?

A. Stop

B. Quit

C. Drop

D. End

E. Exit

Question #10

What is the most significant BGP attribute that is used for path selection in Cisco IOS XR


B. Weight

C. local preference

D. router ID

Question #11

Which two statements correctly describe the IBGP split-horizon rule?

A. Updates that are received on an EBGP session are forwarded to IBGP and EBGP.

B. Updates that are received on an EBGP session are not back out the EBGP peers that are in the same neighboring AS.

C. Updates that are received on an IBGP session are forwarded to all EGBP peers

D. Updates that are received on an IBGP session can be forwarded to other IBGP peers synchronization is turned off.

Question #12

Which command gathers information on BGP route instability in Cisco IOS XR Software?

A. show ip bgp summary

B. show bgp flap-statistics

C. show ip bgp neighbors

D. show bgp ip dampening

Question #13

What is the correct CLI hierarchy when configuring an interface for OSPF in Cisco IOS XR

A. interface, area, router

B. area, interface, router

C. router, area, interface

D. area, router, interface

Question #14

Which statement is correct regarding the BGP Fast Peering Session Deactivation feature?

A. improves the BGP convergence time by faster detection of router flaps

B. lowers the CPU usage by reducing the BGP scan time

C. allows BGP to detect an adjacency change and deactivate the terminated session in between standard CGP scanning intervals

D. allows a Cisco NSF-aware router to assist Cisco NSF-capable and Cisco NSF-aware neighbor to continue forwarding packets during a switchover operation

Question #15

Which Cisco IOS Software feature should you enable to monitor IGP neighbor flaps?


B. adjacency change logging

C. NetFlow

D. route dampening

E. control plane protection