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Cisco 650-042 Dumps

Mobile Internet Technology for Field Engineers
Mobile Internet Technology for Field Engineers

Questions & Answers for Cisco 650-042

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Question #1

In which interface configuration is the GPRS service defined in the same context as the

A. Gr over IP

B. Gb over IP

C. Gb over Frame Relay

D. Gd over Frame Relay

Question #2

What type of Cisco ASR 5000 service is needed for communication between a Cisco MME
and a serving gateway?





Question #3

Which of the following statements is true regarding PDP context deletion?

A. Context Response messages are sent to the Cisco GGSN.

B. The SGSN returns a Deactivate PDP Context Accept message to the mobile station

C. The Cisco GGSN sends a Delete PDP Context Request message to the SGSN to facilitate the data session.

D. The SGSN removes the PDP context from memory and returns a Delete PDP message.

Question #4

Which two statements are true about a context? (Choose two.)

A. A context can be thought of as a virtual router with interfaces in it.

B. There are connections between contexts.

C. A context, by itself, can be visualized as a virtual router without any connections to the external network.

D. Each context supports up to 1024 interfaces, which allows the binding of up to 1024 VLANs in a single context.

E. The system supports the configuration of single contexts only.

F. A maximum of 256 contexts can be configured per chassis.

Question #5

Which command verifies the ability of the system to communicate with a remote node in
the network by passing data packets between them and measuring the response?

A. Show ip arp

B. Show ip route

C. Monitor

D. Ping

Question #6

When viewing port-level counters, what does the TX PAUSE field indicate?

A. The number of correct transmitted flow control frames.

B. The number of correct received flow control frames.

C. The number of frames that were transmitted with an error due to transmit FIFO underflow or TXERR signal assertion.

D. The number of received frames during which physical (PHY) symbol errors were detected.

Question #7

Which functionality is in charge of the activation, modification, and deactivation of GPRS?

A. GPRS Tunneling Protocol

B. GPRS mobility management

C. session management

D. Cisco Security services

Question #8

For which mobility management state is the location of the mobile station tracked by the
serving RNC?

A. PMM-Detached

B. PMM-Idle and PMM-Detached

C. PMM-Idle

D. PMM-Connected

Question #9

How many independent bulk statistic files, or configuration can be created?

A. Only one

B. Up to two

C. Up to three

D. Up to four

Question #10

What is the function of GTT associations?

A. routes particular IMSIs

B. displays "out addresses"

C. defines rules for identifying the global title address map to use for determining the HLR point code

D. associates an IMSI prefix with a global title

Question #11

When troubleshooting the SGSN interaction with BSC and RNC, what does the show sccp-
network 1 status all command do?

A. It provides a count of in-progress calls and their duration.

B. It lists ranges of time in 100-ms increments and 1-second increments.

C. It displays if the subsystem on the DPC that you suspect is problematic shows as available.

D. It displays a list of all RNCs that have communicated with the SGSN.

Question #12

What is the main function of the remote file format command?

A. It specifies the protocol to use when trying to communicate with the receiver,

B. It specifies the files that are transferred to the secondary receiver only.

C. It specifies the files that are transferred to both the primary and secondary receivers.

D. It configures the name and location of the bulk statistics file.

Question #13

When viewing port-level counters, what does the RX SHORT OK field indicate?

A. The number of overflows that were received

B. The number of frames of less than 64 bytes in length that were received without any error

C. The number of frames that were larger than the maximum frame size that were received without any error

D. The number of frames with lengths between 64 bytes and the maximum frame size that were received with an integral number of bytes and a CRC error

Question #14

Which of the following statement is true regarding trace logging?

A. Trace logging cannot affect performance.

B. The output from trace logging is displayed in the CLI session where the trace was started.

C. It can be used to view logging information about a call that is being established or is about to be established.

D. Trace can be started from a particular session, based on call identification.

Question #15

Which context provides CU user access via SPIO interfaces?

A. Accounting context

B. AAA context

C. Source context

D. Management context