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Cisco 650-156 Dumps

ISPES Cisco IronPort Security Professional - Email Security
ISPES Cisco IronPort Security Professional - Email Security

Questions & Answers for Cisco 650-156

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Question #1

Which of the following filters can be used to track privacy information in the message body?
(Choose three.)

A. Reputation Filters

B. Outbreak Filters

C. Content Filters

D. Message Filters


Question #2

What is the best way to create a support ticket?

A. Support Request via the User Interface.

B. Telephone

C. Email

D. Support Portal

Question #3

Which of the following commands provides a snapshot of the remote hosts connecting to
the system?

A. domaindebug

B. hoststatus

C. topin

D. rate

Question #4

Which one of the following will allow an administrator to view sensitive compliance
information, such as a credit card number in the message body that has triggered a DLP

A. Scheduled DLP Reports

B. Message Tracking

C. mail logs

D. Policy Quarantine

Question #5

Which two connection behaviors, specified in each Mail Flow policy, will apply an Inbound
Mail Policy? (Choose two.)





Question #6

What is a base DN in the LDAP directory?

A. The fully qualified domain name.

B. A users mail attribute

C. A user attribute used for location searches

D. A starting point with a LDAP schema for searches

Question #7

Which of these statements about Post X Encryption is true?

A. It uses symmetric encryption and creates a unique key for each message.

B. It uses asymmetric encryption like S/MIME.

C. It uses symmetric encryption and creates a unique key for each recipient.

D. It can use either OpenPGP keys or X.509 certificates.

Question #8

Which three of the following can be used to skip Anti-Virus scanning? (Choose three.)


B. Mail Policies


D. Content Filters

E. Message Filters

Question #9

You have configured your C-Series onto one subnet in the DMZ. But you need separate
policies, rules and filters for incoming and outgoing messages, and management, to one IP
address on the C-Series. Which of the following descriptions would be the best design?

A. Data 1 interface with two listeners

B. Data 2 interface with two listeners

C. Data 1 Interface with one listener

D. Data 1 and Data 2 interfaces, each with one listener

Question #10

In what menu is the encryption algorithm chosen for envelope encryption?

A. In the Outbound Mail Policy

B. In the Content filter Action Menu

C. In the Monitor > Delivery Config menu

D. In the Encryption Profile under Advanced Envelope Settings

Question #11

Which of the following statements are true regarding Message Tracking?

A. The same data that can be viewed with Message Tracking can also be viewed in the mail_logs.

B. Message Tracking can run locally on the ESA and centrally on the SMA at the same time.

C. Message Tracking polls its data from the mail logs.

D. With Message Tracking, you can search on both SMTP envelope and DATA portions of the message.

Question #12

Which of the following CU commands will configure the default route?

A. setgateway

B. setdefaultroute

C. ip route

D. ip route

Question #13

What is the process of rewriting a private senders address into a public senders address is

A. Forward address rewriting

B. LDAP Masquerading

C. Proxy address lookup

D. LDAP routing

Question #14

You have finished installing a C-160 that is designed to relay incoming and outgoing mail
for the mail This is a one armed installation. The outgoing mail
cannot be delivered. According to the mail log, what is the most likely problem?

A. An SMTP route needs to be configured for

B. The mail server needs to point to a private listener

C. needs to be configured on the RELAYUST

D. needs to be configured in the RAT

E. needs to be removed from the SUSPECTUST

Question #15

In the email pipeline, what filters come directly before and after LDAP routing?


B. LDAP Recipient Acceptance

C. Message Filters

D. Anti-Spam