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Cisco 700-303 Dumps

Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Systems Engineer
Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Systems Engineer

Questions & Answers for Cisco 700-303

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Question #1

Which cloud enabling network service provides rich network interaction to applications?

A. Cisco Unified SRST

B. Cisco HCS O

C. Cisco ASA

D. Cisco onePK API set

Question #2

Which option optimizes power consumption, space requirements device utilization,
maintenance operations, and service speed?

A. Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches

B. vP



Question #3

The concern of one of your customers is, "How do I quickly isolate and resolve application
performance problems with the Cisco ISR-AX solution?" Which feature of the Cisco
solution is a response to this query?

A. With the Cisco solution, you can reduce Application Latency by accelerating applications with full optimization across the WAN

B. With the Cisco solution, you can gain Visibility into encrypted wireless traffic

C. With the Cisco solution, you can provide application visibilityto 1000+ applications with metrics such as Application Response Time, Jitter and bandwidth

D. The Cisco solution provides WAN optimization for every size site

Question #4

You need lo easily manage the securityrisks of borderless networks.Which mobility solution
uses next-generation remote-access technology to allow users to securely access the
network with their device of choice?

A. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

B. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Access

C. Cisco Medianet

D. Cisco TrustSec

Question #5

Which application consideration is important for collaboration capabilities, including voice
video and instant messaging to users of mobile devices such as Android and Apple iOS
smartphones and tablets?

A. Quality of Service

B. Dual SSID Design

C. Rate Limiting

D. Single SSID Design

Question #6

Which two components are part of the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution?
(Choose two)

A. Cisco Web Security

B. Cisco Integrated Services Router

C. Cisco WAAS Express

D. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances

Question #7

Which two statements about Cloud Intelligent Network are correct? (Choose two)

A. Cloud Intelligent Network integrates the network with the unified data center delivering a powerful user experience

B. Cloud Intelligent Network provides single level service level agreements to customers

C. Cloud Intelligent Network enables users to access their home network from their enterprise network

D. Cloud Intelligent Network allows simplified management of the network through centralized monitoring

E. Cloud Intelligent Network is extremely vulnerable to web-based malware.

Question #8

Which is a feature of Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client?

A. Is available across thebroadest set of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X. Linux. iOS Android, and more

B. Analyzes every Web request to determine if content is malicious inappropriate or acceptable based on the defined security policy

C. Provides superior connectivity features by giving administrators the ability to control which networks or resources endpoints are able to connect to

D. Offers a comprehensive suite of powerful security features except VPN access features

Question #9

Which product creates a self-healing and self-optimizing wireless network that mitigates the
impact of wireless interference?

A. Cisco Aironet 2600 Series

B. Cisco Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend

C. Cisco Aironet 1600 Series

D. Cisco Outdoor Aps (AP 155x)

Question #10

Which benefit is achieved through a unified policy enforcement point?

A. Enterprises will be able to monitor and manage all network devices through one interface

B. The same policies can be configured and applied to both wired and wireless traffic

C. Unified policy enforcement can be achieved only on converged access platforms, thus also improving CA sates

D. IT will be able to focus more on business operations and less on innovation

Question #11

Which is a differentiator for Cisco Prime when compared to our competitor products?

A. Offers out-of-the-box policy configuration and management though integration with Identity Services Engine or ISE

B. Separate wired and wireless security management

C. Capable of screening user access to the network

D. Host network applications

Question #12

Which is a function of the Energy Optimization Service?

A. Establishes benchmarks for the energy efficiency of their IT infrastructure

B. Manufactures energy-efficient equipment

C. Enables energy efficiency though application-specific integrated circuits

D. Increases power utilization on devices

Question #13

Which high availability design consideration produces savings by reducing the number of
power supplies required per switch and the number of outlets required in the wiring close?

A. StackPower

B. Spanning VLANs

C. QoS

D. Gateway redundancy

Question #14

Which two features are appropriate in describing a Cloud Intelligent Network? (Choose

A. Provides solely private cloud solutions to customers

B. Integrates the network with the Unified Data Center

C. Provides single-tiered service level agreements

D. Connects data centers to better share and balance resources

E. Is not an effective solution to cater to the growing demands of the movement to cloud- basedservices

Question #15

Which option is a feature of the Distribution layer of Campus Hierarchy?

A. Participates solely in the access of the core distribution block

B. Serves as an aggregator

C. Provides for connectivity in both the data center and other areas and services within the network

D. Defines a summarization boundary for network control plane protocols