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Question No : 1

You have created a Text Layer at the top of a composition timeline containing multiple
layers. Which action enables the Text Layer to create transparency for all layers below it in
the composition timeline?

A. apply the Stencil Alpha mode to the Text Layer
B. apply the TrackMatte mode to all layers below the Text Layer
C. precompose all thelayer below the Text Layer and apply the Alpha Add mode to the precomposed composition
D. precompose the Text Layer and all layers below and apply the Difference mode to the precomposed composition

Question No : 2

You are aligning layer in a composition. Which option is used by the Align Panel as the
reference for aligning the layers?

A. Layer Anchor Points
B. User specified Layer
C. Visibleedge of Layer Alpha Channels
D. Relative position of selected Layers

Question No : 3

When animating the Scale property of a Solid that has been used in several Compositions
you notice that the edges of the Solid are soft and fuzzy. Which option will restore sharp
edges only to the Solid in the current Composition?

A. Select the Solid inthe Project Panel and choose Layer > Solid Settings
B. choose Effect > Distort Transform command to the Solid in the Timeline
C. Enable theContinuously Rasterize switch in the Timeline
D. Select the Solid in the Timeline and choose Layer > Solid Settings

Question No : 4

In which two ways can you save a selection of effects already applied to a layer as an
Animation Preset? (Choose two)

A. select the effects in the EffectsControls panel, and then choose Animation> Apply Animation Preset
B. select the effects in the EffectsControls panel,choose Save As from the File menu, and then change the file suffix to .ffx
C. select the effects in the EffectsControls panel,choose Save As from the File menu, and then change the file suffix to .aet
D. select the effects in thetimeline, and then choose Save Animation Presetfrom the Effects & Presets panel options menu
E. selectthe effects in the timeline, drag them into the Effects & Presets panel and then press Savein theresulting dialog box

Question No : 5

Which After Effects option determines the area of the composition, layer, or footage item
that is rendered for previews?

A. Current Snapshot
B. Work Area
C. Region of Interest
D. Composition Resolution Setting

Question No : 6

You want to apply permanent motion blur to a mask. What should you do?

A. select the mask, thenchoose Layer > Mack > Motion Blur > On
B. select the mask, thenchoose Layer > Mack > Motion Blur > Same As Layer
C. select the mask, then click the Motion Blur switch for layer in the timeline
D. select the mask, then click the Composition Motion Blur switch in the timeline

Question No : 7

How do you quickly invoke the composition navigator flowchart?

A. press U
B. press F10
C. tap the Shift key
D. tap the space bar

Question No : 8

A Layer in the Timeline is selected and you have changed the Zero Point for the Rulers in
the Composition Windows. Which action will occur?

A. The Anchor Pointvalues for all layers in theComposition will change
B. All manuallycreated guides from the Rulers will move
C. ThePosition values forall layers in the Composition will change
D. Only the Origin for all Ruleswill change in the CompositionWindow

Question No : 9

You want to revert the current workspace to its original saved layout of panels. What
should you do?

A. Choose Windows >Workspace > Reset "workspace name" and choose Discard Changesin the resulting dialog box.
B. Choose Windows >Workspace >workspace name to automatically revert back totheoriginal workspace layout.
C. Switch toa different workspace, then choose Window > "workspace name" torevert back to the original workspacelayout
D. Choose Windows >Workspace >workspace name and then drag the panels to their original positions.

Question No : 10

When are you likely to use two track points for the same layer at the same time?

A. to track parallelpoints or a clip
B. to track the perspective angle of a clip
C. track both the scale and rotation in a clip
D. to track the positionof two different areas in a clip

Question No : 11

Which option in the Paint panel lets you control how quickly paint will be applied when
painting with a brush? On which address I may send payment?

A. Flow
B. Mode
C. Opacity
D. Duration

Question No : 12

You have added a composition to the Render Queue, chosen an Output Module, and
clicked Render. How do you view how much time it is taking to render each frame of me

A. twirldown me Current Render m the Render Queue panel, and look underRendering > Layer
C. twirldown me Current Render in the Render Queue panel, and loot under Frame Time >Average
D. calculate thevalues between the Estimated Remaintimeand the startingtime of me render, and drivebytheamount offrames inyour comp

Question No : 13

You want to see how an expression changes the value or velocity of a property in the
Graph Editor. What should you do?

A. Choosethe modified layer and click the Graph Editor icon.
B. Choosethe modified layer,click the Graph Editor icon and enable"ShowAnimated Properties in the Properties button pull-down menu.
C. Choosethe modified layer,click the Graph Editor icon and enable"ShowExpression Editor in theOptions buttonpull-down menu.
D. Choosethe modified layer,click the Graph Editor icon, then click the"ShowPost- Expression Graphswitch near thepick whip icon.

Question No : 14

What is the importance of the vertex designated as the first vertex of a path?

A. It appearsas vertex #1 in the Info panel when that mask vertex 13 selected in the Composition viewer
B. It defines the anchor point value for theShape Layer,according to the areacoveredby thePath
C. It definesthe Start Point for Path Operators such as Trim Paths
D. It defines the StartPoint for Effects such as Generate > Stroke

Question No : 15

You want to active the Camera Orbit Tool function for the current view in the Composition
panel. What should you do?

A. Select theUnifiedCamera Tool,then hold the middle mouse button
B. Select theUnifiedCamera Tool,then hold the left mouse button
C. Select theUnifiedCamera Tool, then holdtheright mouse button
D. Select theUnifiedCamera Tool, switch to Custom View 1, then drag it around the scene.

Question No : 16

What is the purpose of the Random Seed option under the Advanced section of a type
Range Selector's properties?

A. to determine the speed ofchange between theEase High and Lose Low values of the Range Select
B. to randomize the order inwhich the animatedproperty is applied to thecharacters specified by the Range Selector
C. to calculate theorder in which specific characters within that Range Selector are affected bythe text animator you apply
D. to determine the amount of time the animationtakes totransitionfrom one character to another, when using the Square shapesetting

Question No : 17

An alert message is displayed indicating that After Effects requires mare memory to display
or render a composition. What should you do?

A. quit After Effects, restart yourcomputer, and then launch AfterEffects
B. go to Preferences > Memory and Disk Cache, and select Enable Disk Cache
C. go the Edit > Purge >All in order to delete all theRAM Previews and cached frames
D. go to Preferences > Memory and Multiprocessing,and decrease the RAM toleave for other applications

Question No : 18

What happens when you insert a dynamically-liked composition into a Premiere Pro
timeline, and play it back within Premiere Pro?

A. You see a black frame until you render it or create a RAM preview inside After Effects.
B. Premiere Pro must render the linked composition before generatingreal-time playback
C. Premiere Pro can play back the comp in real-time, without the need to render it side After Effects.
D. After Effects renders the linked composition on a frame-by-frame basic during playback in Premiere Pro.

Question No : 19

You have opened a project that has missing footage that appears as a placeholder. What
happens when you replace the placeholder with the correct source footage?

A. all missing footage forthe projectis relinked
B. the footage in the Project panel only is replaced
C. the footage in all the compositions that use it is replaced
D. the footageis replaced and sets it as a proxy for thecomp

Question No : 20

You want to ensure that Adobe Illustrator files appear correctly in After Effects, what should
you do when saving files from Illustrator?

A. choose File > Save andselect Use Compression in the Illustrator Options dialog box.
B. choose File > Save and select Include Linked Files in the Illustrator Options dialog box.
C. choose File > Save and selectEmbed ICC profilesin the Illustrator Options dialog box.
D. choose File > Save and selectCreate PDF Compatible Filein the Illustrator Options dialog box.

Showing 1-20 of 73 Questions   (Page 1 out of 4)



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