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HP HP0-J51 Dumps

Installing HP StorageWorks Solutions
Installing HP StorageWorks Solutions

Questions & Answers for HP HP0-J51

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Question #1

Which P2000 G3 Combo FC/iSCSI controller ports would be most suitable for replicating
snapshots to remote locations?


B. 10GbE iSCSI

C. 4Gb FC

D. 8Gb FC

Question #2

Which P2000 feature performs asynchronous replication of block-level data from a volume
on a local storage system to a volume that can be on the same system or on a second,
independent system?

A. Array Mirror

B. Virtual Replicator

C. Continuous Access

D. Remote Snap

Question #3

Which HP solution is ideally suited for low-cost consolidation while providing a 6Gb SAS
backend and Remote Snap functionality?

A. EVA4400

B. P4500

C. MSA2000i G2

D. P2000 G3

Question #4

A customer wants to add a drive enclosure to his existing P2000 G3 system. What is the
maximum distance allowed between enclosures?

A. 1m

B. 2m

C. 5m

D. 10m

Question #5

Your customer wants to monitor the performance of a P4000 G2 system. What is the
minimum time sample interval that can be set using the Performance Monitor?

A. 1 second

B. 5 seconds

C. 30 seconds

D. 1 minute

Question #6

When configuring HP Storage X1000 Data Protection Manager, what information is
required to create a Protection Group? (Select three.)

A. Protection Group name

B. encryption method

C. group members

D. email address for DPM reports

E. job name of DPM-aware backup application

F. protection schedule

Question #7

What is a feature of P4000 snapshots?

A. Snapshots are thin provisioned but can be made fully provisioned after being created.

B. As the original volume data changes the snapshot remains the same as the volume at its creation time.

C. The same amount of space is reserved for the snapshot as the original volume.

D. The snapshot is thinly provisioned and requires no reserve space.

Question #8

Which P2000 user has fixed permission options?

A. Monitor

B. Configure

C. Manage

D. Diagnose

Question #9

Which D2D network configuration mode will improve the availability of overall network

A. Single Port Configuration

B. Dual Port Configuration

C. High Availability (Port Failover) Configuration

D. High Availability (Link Aggregation) Configuration

Question #10

Which HP product utilizes deduplication technology independent of backup software?

A. Data Protector Advanced Backup to Disk

B. X1000

C. MSL8096

D. D2D4112

Question #11

A consultant meets with a customer to define a Disaster Recovery plan based on HP VLS
technology. What are the most important parameters the consultant must obtain from the
customer? (Select two.)

A. Recovery Point Objective

B. Restore Point Objective

C. Recovery Time Objective

D. Retention Point Objective

E. Retention Time Objective

Question #12

A customer has two HP P2000 G3 FC arrays. One is located at a remote branch office.
You have been asked to configure a replication set between the two arrays. Which
components are required to form a replication set? (Select two.)

A. external view volume

B. primary view volume

C. host accessible remote volume

D. destination snap pool

E. source snapshot

Question #13

Which HP Network Storage Systems ship with the Enterprise version of Windows Storage
Server 2008? (Select two.)

A. X1000

B. X1008

C. X1800sb

D. X3000

E. X3800sb

Question #14

On which applications can you use storage-allocation wizards to allocate and configure
storage on the X1000 and X3000 Network Storage System? (Select three.)

A. user-defined applications

B. Microsoft Share Point

C. Microsoft SQL Server

D. Microsoft Exchange

E. Lotus Notes

Question #15

During testing of a P4000 installation you suspect that there might be duplicate iSCSI
IQNs. On which tab of the iSCSI Initiator Properties window can you check theIQNs?

A. Targets

B. Discovery

C. Volumes and Devices

D. Configuration