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HP HP2-K32 Dumps

Selling HP SMB Storage
Selling HP SMB Storage

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-K32

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Question #1

Which solution would be best suited to meet the needs of an SMB customer that wants to
introduce virtualization, but has a small budget and limited early growth?

A. HP 3PARStoreServ7000

B. HP StoreVirtual4130

C. HP StoreVirtual 4800

D. HP VirtualSystemVS1

Question #2

What is the best preparation for disaster recovery?

A. Use an HP StoreOnce device at a remote site and maintain an automated replicated copy.

B. Keep acurrentcopy of your data on HP StoreEver tape library.

C. Check that your insurance policy up to date and covers the estimated value of the business impact.

D. Maintain the fire alarm and security systems in the remote offices.

Question #3

How does using HP StoreOnce backup improve data protection reliability?

A. by eliminating manual processes

B. by using multiple disk drives as a store

C. by performing backups during non-business hours

D. by increasing the speed of the data transfer


Question #4

Why is there such a good opportunity to sell HP Storage for virtualization to the SMB

A. Some SMB customers have large budgets for IT.

B. Many SMB customers need more storage disks.

C. Most SMB customers have old storage systems.

D. Most SMB customers' servers are not virtualized.

Question #5

The HP StoreEasy product range provides deduplication as standard. Which type of file
benefits most from this technology?

A. Software binary files

B. Virtual hard disk files

C. Video files

D. Image files

Question #6

Your customer has 250 employees and is currently doing backups to a tape machine. What
Cloud backup solution could you offer to improve the efficiency and security of their file

A. Introduce StoreOnce disk-to-disk backup at a remote site.

B. Offer HP StoreAllproducts.

C. Introduce HP Autonomy LiveVault to give a policy driven central backup solution.

D. Move them from standalone tape machines to tape libraries.

products.html?compURI=1225919#.USu4D-sd6RI(Which storeall option is right for you,
first bullet)

Question #7

What is one of the key ways that HP StoreOnce installations achieve high backup

A. by only backing up new or changed data blocks

B. by using high bandwidth links

C. by using multiple disks

D. through data compression

Question #8

Which HP Storage product is targeted at SMB customers that need low cost ProLiant
attached storage for single-site consolidation and virtualization?


B. HP StoreOnce

C. HP 3PAR StoreServ

D. HP StoreVirtual VSA

Question #9

Your customer needs a software backup application for data in a number of remote offices.
Which HP product provides this capability in the most cost-effective manner?

A. HP Data Protector

B. HP StoreOnce 2000

C. HP StoreOnce 4000

D. HP StoreOnce 6200

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Question #10

Which statement describes the challenges that IT Departments are facing in managing
employee mailboxes?

A. Users are unable to manage their inboxes on a regular basis and the easiest solution is to request increased capacity from IT.

B. Storage and server capacity in data centers is insufficient to cope with user demands and administrators are spending 95% of their time conducting housekeeping tasks.

C. Data is doubling every year with many devices running different versions of MS Exchange that typically require intervention from storage and server administrators on a daily basis.

D. Email is growing at 10% per year; email messages increasingly incorporate audio, video and attachments, mail box clients are seeing explosive growth and IT must store and retrieve everything.

Question #11

How can the features of HP 3PAR Recovery Manager benefit the backup and recovery of
Exchange Server databases?

A. Auto-discovery of Exchange databases and transaction logs eliminates tedious administration activities.

B. Single Instance Storage reduces Exchange's ability to do sequential data access, and the changes made help to provide a 70% 10 reduction.

C. Driver and firmware updates can be managed by the user with no intervention by expensive IT staff.

D. There is no requirement for backup windows, as HP 3PAR Recovery Manager leverages Virtual Copy snapshots for instant, non-disruptive, point-in-time capture of the database.


Question #12

HP StoreEasy is a highly efficient solution for flexible file and application storage. How
many concurrent users can be supported on a single server?

A. 5,000

B. 10,000

C. 25,000

D. 50,000

Reference:http://www.god-bedre- 8)

Question #13

What is the customer advantage of HP 3PAR StoreServ self-configuring, provisioning, and
optimizing by autonomic management?

A. Reduces time spent managing storage by 90%

B. Reduces capacity requirements by 50% - guaranteed

C. Doubles VM density per server - guaranteed

D. Provides non-disruptive data mobility between systems for pain-free refresh and load balancing

products.html?compURI=1225854#.USvFousd6RI(See 3PAR storeserv 7000, first bullet)

Question #14

HP 3PAR StoreServ7000 systems are an ideal solution for Exchange. At which market
sector is this storage solution primarily aimed?

A. Small businesses with less than 100 employees

B. SMBs and mid-market customers with up to 5,000 employees

C. Enterprise customers with greater than 50,000 employees

D. Large telecommunication operators wishing to deploy hosted Exchange

Question #15

Which HP storage product is designed for flexible file and application storage and can
scale from hundreds to thousands of users?

A. HP StoreAll

B. HP 3PAR StoreServ

C. HP StoreEasy


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