Our History





Our History

Grupo Index has a long and succesful history promoting forestry and environmental solutions for companies acrooss Brazil. This history began in 1971, when professor Antônio Albino Ramos created Confal, the oldest company in the industry still operating in the country.

After decades working all acrooss the brazilian territory and creating a brand that has become a reference for different generations of companies, Confal‘s directors decided to continue and write a new chapter in this history of achievements, creating Grupo Index, that incorporates Index Florestal, Index Ambiental and Forest2Market do Brasil.



Our Directors

Promote technical solutions in the environmental industry, aiming the sustainable development for our clients and for Brazil, with a highly qualified and experienced team.

Provide services and be globally recognized for the efficency in meeting the customer’s demands, for the technical capacity and for the promotion of sustainable solutions.