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HP HP2-E34 Dumps

HP Service Contract Specialis
HP Service Contract Specialis

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-E34

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Question #1

How can you effectively sell installation services to a customer?

A. by emphasizing that installation services reduce the time needed for deployment, which results in the customer being able to make productive use of their investment sooner

B. by emphasizing to the customer the superior skills of HP and your service staff

C. by advising the customer that installation services ensures the solution will be correctly set up and will prevent possible disputes that could arise from future failures

D. by providing the customer with examples of the problems that have arisen when customers have conducted their own installations

Question #2

You need to obtain a quote from the HP New Business Quotes that is ready for mark-up
and presentation to your customer. You can access this quote on the web or have it sent to
you. How else can you obtain it?

A. from Smart Portal

B. from Partner Workbench

C. from Service Workbench

D. from InfoLab

Question #3

How can selling HP Contract Services be more profitable for Certified Partners?

A. Higher margins, sustained growth and regular customer contact provides technology refresh opportunities

B. Locking out the competition drives higher margins, guarantees profits for the period of the contract and encourages repeat business

C. It provides higher margins and agreed upon hardware pricing with HP rebates and automatic technology refresh opportunities

D. The customer relationship is extremely predictable over the contract period, which enables reduced costs and increased margins

Question #4

After obtaining information about the customers needs, what is the process for preparing a

A. You work with HP New Business Quotes, based on the data they obtain

B. You work with HP New Business Quotes and they send the quotation directly to the distributor

C. You work with HP New Business Quotes, based on the data you obtain

D. You work with HP New Business Quotes and they send the quotation directly to the customer

Question #5

How does buying an HP Service Contract mitigate risk for the customer?

A. HP takes responsibility for availability of spares on time and service provisions.

B. HP takes responsibility for customer credit status so contract payments are made.

C. HP takes responsibility for the correct level of hardware and services in the contract.

D. HP takes responsibility for renewal of contracts.

Question #6

Which cost advantage does an HP Service Contract provide?

A. It can reduce installation and set-up costs, freeing up resources to be used in other parts of the business.

B. It can significantly reduce business overhead, with efficient use of space and a dramatic reduction in power consumption.

C. It can reduce operational and business interruption costs and provide capacity that is adaptable to business needs.

D. IT can significantly reduce business and operational management costs, freeing up capacity that is adaptable to business needs

Question #7

What should you prepare to justify the value of an HP Service Contract to your customer?

A. a contract value analysis

B. a management cost analysis

C. a cost benefit analysis

D. a maintenance cost analysis

Question #8

Which sequence of procedures should be followed to secure a Service Contract renewal?

A. perform a customer survey, conduct key user interviews, and send a timely renewal notification

B. make a review of existing hardware, provide contract information, and send a timely renewal notification

C. make a review of contract costs, incorporate increases, and quote and send a timely renewal notification

D. perform a customer analysis, get the customer to share contract information, and send a timely renewal notification

Question #9

What will help you convince the customer to sign an HP Service Contract?

A. sharing press statements on related industries in the national and trade press

B. sharing success stories and customer testimonials from related industries

C. sharing performance data for the contract services industry

D. sharing industry-wide financial performance data and comparing it to that of the customer

Question #10

Why should your company focus on Service Contracts sales?

A. Gartner reports that 40% of customers buying hardware also buy services.

B. You may lose 60% of your hardware customers to another supplier selling services.

C. Service contracts are now being sold to 40% of customers buying hardware.

D. Gartner reports that 60% of customers buying hardware also buy services.

Question #11

Which service does HP offer that addresses a customer’s availability and uptime needs?

A. HP Reactive Hardware and Software Break-fix Services

B. HP Proactive Mission Critical Support Services

C. HP Reactive 24×7 Systems Support Services

D. HP Installation and Configuration Services

Question #12

Which key information is necessary to successfully sell the conversion of an expiring HP
Care Pack Service?

A. the customer data on software, support options and expiry dates

B. the customer data on hardware, cover options and expiry dates

C. the customer data on the support calls and site visits made until the expiry date

D. the customer data on their Service Contracts and their reports, including data on expiry dates

Question #13

How should you ensure customer Service Contracts areproperlymaintained throughout the

A. Log all service activity to ensure the customer gets 24×7 service on all incidents

B. Log all service activity to ensure the customer gets 9×5 service on all incidents

C. Log all sales to ensure all new products are added to the contract

D. Log all sales to ensure all users receive appropriate training

Question #14

Why is selling HP Contract Services a positive step for your company?

A. HP supplies services with high availability of genuine spares that builds the credibility of your company, with coverage that enables you to sell to multi-national customers.

B. HP specifies the hardware/software and supplies the services and spares that minimize the cost of sale to your company.

C. HP fully supports the sale, supplies the service and spares, looks after the technology life cycle and provides HP contract administrators who ensure contracts are renewed on time.

D. HP supports you by specifying the coverage required by the customer and ensures it is updated when necessary thereby building the credibility of your company.

Question #15

By how much can you increase revenue and gross profit, when including an HP Care Pack
as compared to a standard warranty?

A. revenue by 20% and gross profit by 20%

B. revenue by 30% and gross profit by 30%

C. revenue by 20% and gross profit by 30%

D. revenue by 30% and gross profit by 20%